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By Winnie Makena

Sharing on social media has proved useful to drive your business forward. And that goes for agriculture as well. The youth, especially, are taking a keen interest in agribusiness. This is a welcome change in attitude towards farming debunking the myth that farming is for the old folk.

Probably because many have realised why the well-to-do in society have vast acres of agricultural land under cultivation which is huge profits, in millions of shillings. However, agribusiness just like any other business requires hard work, undivided attention and resilience. A small mistake can wipe out the entire crop leaving you counting your losses.

All you need is information, which there is a dearth of from the government agricultural extension officers. People who want to know best farming practices, what to plant and at what time and finally where to market your produce are now turning to Facebook groups and twitter to interact and seek advice. There, anyone can also find agronomists for advice on what, where and how to plant. Here is a list of top twitter and Facebook groups covering agricultural interests that you should be part of:

On Facebook:

Africa Farmers Club

With over 120,000 members from eight African countries, this group provides a platform for members to share their stories, challenges, and network. An added bonus is that they offer on-site training tailored to give farmers an opportunity to learn from experts as well as other farmers.

Digital Farmers Kenya

This group aims at encouraging members to exchange farming ideas and latest farming technologies that can improve farming practices. Farmers may also sell their farm produce on this group. With over 333,000 members, you can get farming ideas and learn the latest farming technologies that can improve farming practices. Farmers can also sell their farm produce on this group.

Dairy Farming Kenya

With over 280,000 members on board, Dairy Farming Kenya, addresses dairy farming in its full spectrum. It is a resourceful platform with information on how to treat and feed your dairy cows, how to process your products, where to sell them.

Rabbit Breeders Kenya

It is a resource group on the emerging rabbit rearing in Kenya. Here you will get all information pertaining the different rabbit breeds in kenya, their potential market, how to rear them and the various breeders. All rabbit farmers, breeders, meat sellers, and brokers find each other here.

Kienyeji Poultry Farming Kenya

With everyone putting their hands on poultry farming, to be on the competitive edge, you must keep up with the markettrends, identify gaps in the niche and advertise your products thoroughly. This group has over 70,000 members, who discuss and exchange ideas about Kienyeji (Indigenous) poultry farming. All questions about poultry farming can be addressed by expertise and veterans.

 On Twitter:

 @farmingfirst  is a global coalition calling on world leaders to increase agricultural output in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. With 54.8K followers, Farming First is a multi-stakeholder coalition, not an organisation itself with the support of more than 180 organisations representing the world’s farmers, scientists and engineers.

 @FarmbizAfrica has 23.6K followers on twitter, marketing themselves as Africa’s No. 1 agribusiness news site transforming the continent’s farmers into rich agripreneurs through high yielding techniques and market survey articles.

 iAgriBizAfrica, on twitter as @iAgriBizAfrica with 12K followers, use their presence to advocate, communicate and educate Kenyans on behalf of a professional agribusiness industry.

Farm Africa is working to build a prosperous rural Africa. Their twitter account, @FarmAfrica which is a verified account, helps their over 39K followers with farming tips and possible marketsfor their produce.

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