Land clashes victim opts to start poultry keeping

19th Aug, 2019
Land clashes victim opts to start poultry keeping
Mama Kwaro in her poultry farm in Miloleni village, Subukia. Photo: Willis Mwaniki.


Mama Kwaro, as popularly known by her customers and locals, has been practicing poultry farming for the past over 20 years from her home in Miloleni village in Subukia constituency Nakuru County.

She is a victim of 1992 political land clashes in the Rift Valley where the family lost all its property. As a result, she migrated to her current residence where she says life lost meaning to her until resolved to forget all and start afresh.

She started a small general shop at the nearest market center, which failed as a result of motherly duties and transport inconveniences in the area by that time. “I had small kids to take care of, and there was only one car within the route leading to a lot of transport inconveniences.”

Later, after the business failed, she thought of an idea of venturing in poultry farming. She started with a few chickens but eventually expanded.

At first, she relied on the local market but now supply to most parts of Nakuru county. As her farm expanded, and she got a desire to do more research on poultry to acquire skills to enable her to manage the poultry farm effectively. She researches from the internet, agricultural shows, and farmers’ interactions and being a former teacher, research is easier for her.

Currently, she keeps improved kienyeji chicken and geese. “Improved kienyeji lays more eggs and weighs relatively more as compared to traditional kienyeji.” She sells eggs and supplies slaughtered chicken. She bought a freezer to ensure she meets large orders that may require overnight slaughter.

“Through poultry farming, I have been able to support my family. I have been able to buy modern kitchen equipment, support my children in education and also at times, support my husband in family financial matters.”

“As a victim of ethnic clashes, I take the opportunity while interacting with the customers to create friendship and encourage the need for peace and harmony.”

“I have a plan to buy incubators to hatch more chicks and cub the problem of low hatching. It will enable me to meet the rising demand for chicken products.”

She also sends a great message to the youth urging them to enter into poultry farming. “Poultry farming is very simple to venture since it does not need much capital to start. Instead of complaining about unemployment and waiting for white color jobs, youths should start from where they are as they wait for white color jobs.”   

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