Tea sector: Senate now petitions Uhuru

14th Oct, 2019
Tea sector: Senate now petitions Uhuru
Tea farmers picking tea at a plantation.

The Senate has o­fficially petitioned President Uhuru Kenyatta to form a commission of inquiry that will address all issues meant to streamline the tea sector, Nyeri Senator Ephraim Maina has said.

The move is part of the efforts by various leaders and interest groups to capture the attention of the president to act on the sector whose revenue has been slowed by various factors, to the detriment of farmers.

“The Senate has submitted a petition to the President to form a commission of inquiry with the key theme of providing a long-term solution to the tea sector problems,” said the Senator.

Tea farming, the highest foreign exchange earner for Kenya in the year 2018 is a political topic in Mt. Kenya and persistently low prices may mean loss of support for the incumbent leadership. President Uhuru himself faces a backlash from the region over what is seen as his failure to adequately manage expectations of coffee, tea and dairy farmers, all of which have recorded a price drop this year.

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