How to maximize production in pig farming according to experts

18th Oct, 2019
How to maximize production in pig farming according to experts

Pig farming in Kenya is one of the most popular animal husbandry practiced in Kenya as a source of income.

Pigs in Kenya are reared mainly for pork to make products like sausages, beacon and brawns. spoke to Enock from Gaetti Happy Pigs Farm in Kiambu which had the winning pigs in the pigs’ category at the Nairobi International Trade Fair 2019, on the best practices in pigs rearing for maximum production.

Pig farming is considering over other livestock because they attain maturity in a very short time span, have a short gestation period and usually farrow many piglets about 15 at an average weight of 1.3 to 1.7 kilograms.

A sow with her piglets resting. Photo: Alex Wachira Standard

Pigs moreover, usually need very little attention and are not labour intensive.

A farmer should consider the following to reap big from pigs rearing according to Enock.

A farmer should choose the best breeds to keep from superior genetics for the most production output.

The three main breeds kept at Gaetti Happy Pigs Farm are the Large White, Landrace and Duroc.

The pigs are slaughtered for sale as pork at average 5.5 to six months with a maturity weight of 100 to 110 kilograms’ live weight.

The pig farmers should ensure the pigs do less walking and are fed on quality feeds.

A pig should be fed on healthy quality feeds. Photo: Alex Wachira Standard

They should be involved mostly only in eating and sleeping. However, they should not be overfed as they eat less food.

Pigs eat about two kilograms per day each kilogram in the morning and in the evening.

The farmer should also provide them with adequate clean drinking water.

The pigs should stay in a well maintained clean shelter.

The housing structure should include a dark area to rest and sleep. Photo: Alex Wachira Standard

The housing structure should include a dark and well-lit area. The well-lit area to excrete and a dark area to rest and sleep.

The pigsty should be dry and cleaned regularly to keep off pests causing diseases.

A farmer should aim to keep piglets warm at the shelter to avoid contracting pulmonary diseases.

Piglets and pigs should be vaccinated to keep them safe from diseases such as African Swine Flu which may affect their health thus reduce production.

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