Tips on how to get more eggs from your chickens

22nd Jan, 2020
Tips on how to get more eggs from your chickens

Your chicken will lay more eggs if there are healthy and happy. Farmers keeping eggs for commercial purposes use artificial light to trick the chicken into laying in cold seasons consistently. You don’t need a rooster for them to lay eggs.

Here are tips to help you get more eggs.

Keep young hens

The more you keep young hens, the more eggs you are going to collect. Hens reduce the number of eggs laid after every season. Heavy laying breed can lay well after five years but you will still notice the difference. So the trick is to keep more young hens in your chicken coop.

Reduce stress

Stress is caused by overcrowding, the introduction of a new hen into the coop, young roosters fighting and lack of enough place to hide from each other or hawks. Make sure new hens are placed in a different area, create more space for the hens to feel more secure while laying and separate the hen from the rosters.

Broody chicken

Naturally chicken starts brooding during October and February. You have to be quick in dealing with the broody chicken since it’s a contagious habit. Once one starts, all of them want a feel of the action. You can do this by getting fertile eggs for the hen to sit away from the rest of the flock. In case you don’t want chicks to break the broodiness.

Nest box comfort

Improve the nest comfort to make them want to lay. Throw away damp bedding, check if mites can be around and also lighting. Ensure that the nest box is not exposed to too much light as we saw they need a place to hide from others to lay. Let the nest box be as comfyortable as possible.


Make sure you supplement their diet to increase egg production. They are omnivorous and daily greens, grains, and grubs can help in the egg production process. Ensure you provide high-quality ration in their diet and the rewards will be great.

Different breed

Keeping a different breed of a chicken is a secret especially the hi-line or red shaver. They lay even during winter without a break. Different breeds have a difference in the laying patterns and trying a few would help you to see which suits you best.

You can also confine your hens to let them out to roam freely daily for three days. This will help you track if they are laying somewhere other than the nest box. Hens have a habit of holding on to their next eggs until they find a comfortable place for them to lay. Making a comfortable nest box is very vital for you to get more eggs.

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