9 Tips to increase your crop production

05th Feb, 2020
9 Tips to increase your crop production

Assorted cereals at a market in Busia County. Denish Ochieng, Standard.

Increased crop production is the dream of every farmer. We are going to give you some tips that you can apply to increase your produce.

Soil testing

This should be the first activity to carry out on your farm before deciding what to grow. It helps you know the number of nutrients available in the soil, the soil pH value that will guide you on the type of fertilizers to apply and the kind of crops that can thrive well on your farm. 

Seed quality

Crops' productivity is determined by the seed quality. To achieve crops that grow faster and stronger you need to check mostly on the quality of your seeds. It’s advisable to purchase hybrid seeds that are available in agro vets’ shops.

Plant early

Early planting has great benefits to the crops. Early planting leads to an early harvest before it is damaged by the changing weather conditions. It also helps increase crop yields due to early harvesting and seeds destruction by pests.

Soil rotation

Soil or crop rotation is the process of planting different types of crops in the same area to improve soil fertility and crop yields. It also helps to curb soil erosion. If you plant the same crop in the same area you planted previously it is given that the crop yields will be less than the previous one.

Some crops use nutrients available in the soil for growth and others like legumes produce nutrients in the soil.

During crop rotation, we should check on the variety of crops to avoid depleting certain soil nutrients.

Yield potential

You need to know the yield potential of your seeds since different seeds require different nutrients and conditions for them to get you better produce.

Visit your fields regularly

With this, you will be able to know if your crops are growing healthily or asses soil conditions and be in a position to note a change in soil conditions. In case of any infestation of pests and diseases in your farm you will notice this in time.

Proper water drainage

Water is an essential key now due to change in the climate. Make sure your crops get enough water and avoid waterlogging that can cripple crop growth and production.

Use of fertilizers

Fertilizers help maintain the required nutrients in the soil for crops to grow healthy. Fertilizers aid the growth of the crop mostly during planting and when the crops are at their peak growing cycle. Excessive use of fertilizers can be harmful to both your soils and crops.


Weeds compete with the desired plants for nutrients in the soil. This is the most critical part of the farm and in case of any sign of weed, just deal with it as early as possible.


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