Banana facts that will blow your mind

13th Feb, 2020
Banana facts that will blow your mind


Banana fruits

Bananas are found in most parts of the world. Raw bananas are used to prepare matoke. Ripe bananas are eaten as fruit.

They are also used to prepare smoothies and banana bread.

The fruit is rich in potassium nutrients and has many health benefits. The ripe bananas come in green and yellow colour but some uncommon varieties have different colours like pink, red and even blue.

Different banana fruit colours.

Here are interesting banana facts you may not have known until now.

Cures growth

Banana peels can clear warts in one or to two weeks, if you rub or tap the inside of the banana peel against your wart daily. The potassium in bananas helps fight the HPV virus which causes warts.

Bananas peels can shine your shoes

The inside of a banana peel can be used to shine your leather shoes. If you don’t have a shoeshine or polish, just peel a banana and rub the inside of the peel on your leather shoes in circular motions. The peels will give you beautifully shined shoes.

Hair conditioning

Looking for a way to nourish or deep condition your hair? Bananas will help you with that. The potassium and vitamins present in the fruit flesh can help prevent split ends and hair breakages. It is also said that it can make your hair shinier and more manageable.

Removes splinters

If you have splinters, you just can’t use tweezers alone to get them out. Try taking a piece of banana peel and put it against the affected area. If the splinter is on your foot, use a tape or a sock to hold it overnight. In the morning, the splinter should make its way up to the skin surface. The peel should completely remove the splinter or make it easier for you to use a pair of tweezers.

Make clothes

The fibre in banana peels can be used to make paper, fabric and even clothing. Countries like Japan use banana fibres and transform them into clothes.

Relieve itching

The inside of the banana peels is said to help relieve itching from either poison ivy or bug bites. Next time while going hiking or camping carry some bananas as a safety measure.

Bananas can be used as fertilizers

Adding banana peels to your flower bed will fertilize your plants without using harsh chemicals. The high amounts of potassium and phosphorus in the banana peels will introduce nutrients in the soil after decomposing.

Bananas are widely consumed and have become an iconic staple in our diets. They are common in a way that you can find them in any grocery store.

Next time you go shopping, make sure to purchase a bunch of bananas.



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