How to deal with reduced egg production

21st Feb, 2020
How to deal with reduced egg production

Reduced egg production can be triggered by reasons. 

Egg production in poultry farming is the main reason why most farmers venture into the business. A farmer will incur losses in case of reduced egg production.

Factors that lead to reduced eggs production include environmental changes, behavioural, emotional and physical factors.

These factors are triggered by a range of cases encountered in the poultry farming business. Nevertheless, some causes can be self-correcting, others can be handled and some can be hard to handle.

Farmers need to look out for the following key issues that can cause reduced egg production and respond to them correctly.

A broody hen sitting on eggs.

Brooding flock

Brooding is a behavioural change that makes the layers develop the tendency of sitting on the eggs for hatching. This behaviour is contagious and a farmer needs to stop the broodiness immediately as it can affect the whole flock.

To stop this a farmer can provide the eggs to the broody hen in a different coop, restrict the animal from the laying coup or deep the hen inside cold water.


Water is a key requirement for egg formation. Ensure the layers are provided with adequate and clean water in large quantities. Water should be placed in areas where the flock can access it easily.

Parasites and diseases

Parasite infection and diseases will always affect egg production. This can be caused by disease outbreaks and the introduction of a new flock. New flocks need to be vaccinated and checked by a veterinary specialist for any parasite and diseases.

You need to ensure proper hygiene is maintained in the chicken coop. It is advisable to allow the veterinary specialist to make frequent visits to the chicken area as they can easily spot early signs and symptoms of diseases.


A change in the chicken house can cause stress to the flock. Environmental changes like a large number of death of the flock, excessive heat, predator attacks, and dog barking can cause stress to the laying hens.

By adding a large number of a flock in the chicken house and sudden change of feeds can cause reduced egg production.

While adding a new flock and new feeds to the flock make sure you do it in small proportions to give the flock time to adjust to the new changes.

A bird undergoing molting.

Shedding of feathers (molting)

This is a normal phrase that the birds have to undergo through. This leads to diversion of proteins and other nutrients needed for the development of new feathers. The process can lead to a decline in eggs production as it requires nutrients to speed up the shedding of feathers.

You need to add protein supplements to ensure egg production is not interrupted by the molting process.?

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