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Marketing your small farm products

By Grace Chomba

Small scale farm produce.

Small farming business is an easy venture as you don't have to use a lot of capital like how you will market your farm produce. Most farmers have been facing low returns from their products. This is due to products spoilage and wastage due to low prices.

Here are a few methods that you can use to market your farm produce.

Direct farm sales

This is done after harvesting where you can sell directly from your farm to the buyers. It is the simplest and convenient method to make sales as it saves you the transportation cost. You can invite buyers to your farm where they can see what you have on the farm.

Farmers markets

These are market places where farmers can take their farm produce for sale. This is a great way to sell your products as you will always find buyers in the market. The cost of setting up a shop at the farmers market is relatively low. The markets run weekly and sometimes for months depending on the weather conditions.

CSA shares

These are community supported agriculture shares that consist of groups of people who commit to supporting framers through growing seasons. Farmers are supposed to provide them with the bounty of their farm produce where they can buy and also help them to market. This is a very popular way to help farmers market their farm produce.


Approaching restaurants directly is another way to market your farm produce. You can develop a relationship with chefs and learn what products they need regularly or occasionally. Most restaurants prefer locally produced ingredients to avoid food poisoning. 


With the increased level of aflatoxin and chemicals in consumable products, consumers are now preferring to purchase local and fresh produce. They are always seeking and buying goods online. You can create a website, Facebook page and Twitter account to create an online existence where consumers are going to be able to find you.



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