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Goat keeping value addition

By Grace Chomba

Charles Wathobio his dairy goat. PHOTO NANJINIA WAMUSWA

Goat keeping is a lucrative business that has reported high returns from the goat milk increased demand. Nowadays, most farmers are rearing goat due to increased milk demand and its nutritional value. They are multifunctional animals as one can gain profits not only from selling goat meat and milk but also other products we are going to discuss.

Here are some byproducts from goat farming,

Goat milk

It is now popular and widely consumed in Kenya due to its nutritional benefit that helps to improve appetite and digestive efficiency.  This is what led to the goat rearing rapid growth in the country. The milk has low cholesterol and is non-allergic compared to cow milk.

It can also be used to process yoghurt, cheese and butter.


Cashmere and Angora goat breed produce quality fibre which one can sell for maximum profits. Some prefer cashmere goats as it is always in demand for its softness, warm and long-wearing characteristics. The fibre is used in the manufacturing of sweaters, scarves, coats, carpets and floor rugs.

Hides and skins

They provide hides and skins after slaughtering that is used to produce leather items. Goat breed that produces high-quality hides and skin in Kenya is known as Black Bengal goats. Its thick hide skins are not only sold in Kenya but also internationally.


Goat manure is commonly used by farmers as it causes rapid growth in crops. With the increased demand for organic food crops, organic manure is now in demand and one can make huge profits from selling it to organic farmers.

Every breed has different qualities and farmers are urged to do thorough research before venturing into the business as some breed might produce high-quality fibre or hide and skins and others not.


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