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Key factors to consider before constructing layers cage

By Grace Chomba

Every poultry keeper needs to factor in space requirements before venturing into poultry farming. Overcrowding leads to stress that causes decreased bodyweight, reduced feed intake, decreased egg production and cannibalism.

Check on these requirements before starting venturing into this type of farming.

Climatic conditions

This will determine layer space requirements. During hot seasons, the birds tend to lose more water from their bodies hence increasing their body temperature. You will find them clustering together that results to death.

It is important to be vigilant about climate conditions before and after you start rearing chickens.

Ensure you have come up with ways to prevent them from extreme climatic conditions.

Breed selection

Light layer breeds tend to be flighty while heavy breeds are less active. Be carefully choosing the breed type as the light layer breed will require adequate space.


When the birds are at a tender age, stocking them together is the best idea but as they grow older you will need to expand their coops and build more cages.

If start rearing them at a tender age, you will need extra space that will accommodate them as they grow older where you will separate them.

It’s advisable to provide extra cages since if they are feed well they will increase their body weight that will need more space.

Cage size

A cage size will determine the number of layers you will stock. A bigger cage will accommodate more birds. You need to know the number of laying hens you wish to keep before building the cage.

Also, have in mind that a single hen requires two and a half square feet by three square feet floor space during building.

These factors will help reduce mortality rates, achieve higher daily gain and increased eggs production. They will also allow better supervision of production in laying hens.

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