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New pact to benefit smallholder farmers

By Maureen Akinyi
Deal will see smallholders access cheap solar energy. [Kevin Tunoi, Standard]

Smallholder farmers will benefit from a new pact between regional solar energy firm Redavia and Exotic EPZ, an agro-processing company. Exotic EPZ Limited, Managing Director, Jane Maigua said the new deal will support cost-efficient renewable energy under a flexible contract, thus enabling the firm to reduce costs and increase flexibility.

These benefits will in turn trickle down to small holder farmers. "As a company, we thrive on creating sustainable and inclusive agribusiness value chains and ensure that small scale farmers benefit from their production by creating opportunities for growth in incomes for them and their families," Maigua said.

Exotic works closely with the many smallholder farmers to maximise yields, provide market and input information, collectivize smallholder farmers and provide markets that are sustainable and guaranteed.

The deal will open up the market for Redavia Company who are known for designing, manufacturing and installing solar systems on behalf of their clients.

“Over the years, our business model has been based on a pre-configured model, including high-performance solar modules and electrical components which are easy to ship, set up, scale and redeploy,” said Redavia Chief Executive and Founder, Mr Erwin Spolders.

Redavia is an industry leader that provides solar energy that is cost-effective, reliable and clean energy to businesses and communities in West and East Africa.

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