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Pain for muguka traders and farmers as its trading banned

By Joseph Muchiri

Muguka farmers and traders in Embu and Kirinyaga counties are staring at losses after trading of the twig was banned in all the markets by their respective county governments.

The zones where khat is grown and traded have booming economies because of the income from the commodity, which sees millions of shillings change hands every day.

The Kirinyaga County security team announced it had banned sale of miraa and muguka in the area for 30 days to contain the spread of Covid-19. County Commissioner Jim Njoka said they took the drastic measures after khat traders failed the basic hygiene test leaving them and their customers exposed to Covid-19.

In an effort to curb the spread of the disease, the county government of Embu last week relocated all traders at the congested Kamuketha market in Embu town to Embu stadium.

But the congestion persisted and there was no social distancing.

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